Audio campaigns

Report on audio campaigns

If you're running an audio campaign in Display & Video 360, you can use any of Display & Video 360's reports (such as the Standard report) to view the performance of your audio line items. For YouTube & partners audio line items, see Report on YouTube & partners line items.

Audio metrics

Available metrics vary by publisher and some metrics may not be available on certain publishers. Before you run a report, confirm with publishers which metrics they support.

Reports in Display & Video 360 contain the following audio-related metrics:

  • Complete Listens (Audio)
  • Audio Media Cost eCPCL (Cost Per Completed Listens)
  • Audio Client Cost eCPCL
  • Audio Revenue eCPCL
  • Total Audio Media Cost eCPCL
  • Completion Rate (Audio)
  • Companion Clicks (Audio)
  • Companion Impressions (Audio)
  • First Quartile (Audio)
  • Midpoint (Audio)
  • Third Quartile (Audio)
Some publishers separately report “Companion Clicks”, while others use the standard “Clicks” metric. To account for differences, make sure to include both in reports.

Optional metrics:

These metrics aren't available on all publishers. Depending on which publishers your campaign runs on, these metrics may be blank in reports.

  • Audio Mutes (Audio)
  • Audio Unmutes (Audio)
  • Pauses (Audio)
  • Starts (Audio)
  • Stops (Audio)

For descriptions, see Metrics in reports.

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