Cross Campaign and Cross Advertiser Optimization

In Display & Video 360 it is possible to do Cross Campaign Optimization (CCO) and Cross Advertiser Optimization (CAO) with your Guaranteed deals. This allows you to bid on guaranteed inventory with the default line item (as well as other line items using additional targeting) to help deliver on all impressions. The other line items can be across your campaigns or can belong to another advertiser.

In order to ensure spend, RTB line items need to take into consideration the settings from the programmatic guaranteed deal (pacing, frequency, audience, geo, etc.) as well as the settings for the objects that the RTB line items live in (insertion orders, campaign, advertiser, partner). Note that pacing for programmatic guaranteed deals is automatically set to ASAP.

To set up CCO or CAO:

  1. Make sure you have finished negotiating a Programmatic Guaranteed dealin Display & Video 360.
  2. From the left menu, navigate to Inventory > My Inventory.
  3. Complete the deal configuration steps found on the Programmatic Guaranteed page. Remember to select at least one advertiser.
  4. After you have finished configuring the deal, navigate to Inventory > My Inventory and take note of the deal name and deal ID.
  5. Select another line item you want to use.
  6. Select Add Targeting > Inventory Source and search for and select the deal name/deal ID from step 4.
    Note that you cannot mix YouTube Programmatic Guaranteed and non-YouTube Programmatic Guaranteed inventory sources within the same line item. 
  7. Under the Bid Strategy section, select "Fixed bid".
  8. Under the Creatives section, confirm that your creatives are correctly setup for the line item.
  9. (Optional) Add additional targeting to the line item.
  10. The line items targeting the deal are now listed under My Inventory. Display & Video 360 will take into account any targeting and budget/pacing settings, to see if the line item is applicable for the impression.
  11. In the event that no line items applicable, the impression will be bought by the default line item originally set up for the Programmatic Guaranteed deal.

    In the event that all line items are applicable, set the bid prices in increasing order so Display & Video 360 can prioritize where to send impressions. In the end, the clearing price will still be the PG negotiated price. The bid prices you set are merely for prioritization use.


  • Cross Campaign and Cross Advertiser Optimization aren’t supported for YouTube Programmatic Guaranteed deals.
  • CPD deals can't use Cross Campaign and Cross Advertiser Optimization. 
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