Link Google Ads to Display & Video 360 to share audience lists

To share remarketing lists from Google Ads to Display & Video 360, your accounts must be linked. Here's how:

Link a Google Ads account to an advertiser

You can authorize user list sharing from Google Ads to Display & Video 360 by linking your accounts.

  1. From your advertiser, expand Settings in the left menu and click Linked Accounts.
  2. Click Link new account > Google Ads.
  3. Enter the Customer ID of the Google Ads account to link.
  4. Select whether your Google Ads and Display & Video 360 accounts are managed by the same company or organization. If you want to share first-party audience lists between Google products, accounts must be managed by the same company.
  5. In the Link Google Ads Customer section:
    1. If your account (the one you're signed in with) has access to both the Display & Video 360 and Google Ads account, click I own the Google Ads account I want to link to this advertiser.
    2. If you're not the admin of the Google Ads account, click Someone else owns the Google Ads account I want to link to this advertiser and enter the email address of the administrator of the account.
  6. Click Link.
    1. (Continued from Step 5a) Read the terms on the new tab and click Accept.
    2. (Continued from Step 5b) An email will be sent to the Google Ads account administrator requesting to grant permission to link all their Google Ads audience lists with this Display & Video 360 advertiser.

Approve Google Ads to Display & Video 360 link request

  1. Click Approve or reject this request in the email requesting access to Google Ads audience lists.
    • The subject line of the email will read: "Link your Google Ads account to Display & Video 360"
  2. A new Google Ads page will open with terms for audience list sharing.

  3. Click Accept.


  • New audiences may take up to 4 days to appear after link requests are approved. We recommend linking a week in advance to allow for this time.  

  • Google Ads manager accounts (MCC) can't be linked.

  • The account link shares all audience lists from Google Ads to Display & Video 360. To share individual lists, contact your account manager.

  • Audiences created at the Google Ads manager account (MCC) level can't be shared with Google Marketing Platform (GMP). If you plan to share a Google Ads audience with GMP, it must be created in an individual Google Ads account. 

  • Sharing an MCC audience to an individual Google Ads account does not make that audience eligible to share with GMP.

  • Google Analytics tag-based audiences created in Google Ads aren't shareable to Display & Video 360.

  • Custom combinations are not supported. System-based lists, such as “All Converters” lists, are not compatible with Display & Video 360.

  • If company ownership is the same but audience lists are not shared, a partner-level admin user must unlink and re-link the accounts (indicating same company ownership) for those lists to be flagged as compliant.

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