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Google Play Store install tracking

Once you've linked a Google Play developer account to your advertiser (either in Display & Video 360 or in Campaign Manager 360), you can easily track app downloads as part of your mobile app promotion campaigns, without adding or implementing any code.

Create an app install Floodlight activity

Before you can select Google Play Installs as a conversion event in your line items, you have to set up a mobile event Floodlight activity for your advertiser that's linked to your app developer's Google Play account.

If you serve ads directly from Display & Video 360 (that is, if your ad server configuration is "third-party ad servers only"), Display & Video 360 can automatically create an app install Floodlight activity for your Android app as you create an App Install line item if you've linked your Display & Video 360 advertiser to Google Play.

Read me if you use Campaign Manager 360

If you use Campaign Manager 360 with Display & Video 360, you have to create Floodlight activities in Campaign Manager 360 that correspond to Google Play app installs.

Create mobile app Floodlight activities

  1. Start by opening an advertiser, then click Floodlight in the Resources menu.
  2. Click the New Floodlight Activity button.
  3. Choose Mobile app.
  4. Search for the app you want to track by platform (iOS or Android), then choose your app.
  5. Choose how to track your app: Google Play, or Firebase. Learn more about options for mobile app tracking.
  6. Enter the required information to link your Google Play or Firebase account, and click Link.
  7. After successfully linking a Google Play or Firebase account, Floodlight activities (for each event) will auto-populate. They will display under Floodlight activities, and will be labeled with a Firebase or Android icon.

If you’ve successfully linked a Firebase account and don’t see auto-populated mobile app Floodlight activities, reach out to your Firebase account owners to verify that they’ve entered the app store ID in their Firebase project settings. This field is optional in Firebase but it’s required for app events to generate Floodlight activities.

Disable Play install tracking

After you've created a Floodlight activity that's linked to Google Play, you can disable this link anytime by turning off Google Play install tracking. Once Play install tracking is disabled, Play installs won't continue to be counted as conversions. 

Track app installs from Google Play as conversions

After linking a Google Play developer account to Display & Video 360, you can create a mobile app install line item that can use Google Play installs as their conversion event. If you use Campaign Manager 360 with Display & Video 360, then you also need to create a Floodlight activity for the app you wish to track. 

  1. Follow the steps to create a mobile app install line item for your Android app. 

  2. In the Conversion tracking section, select Automatically track Google Play Store installs as conversions.

    Display & Video 360 will automatically find the app install Floodlight activity that's associated with your app (or create one for you, if you don't use Campaign Manager 360).

  3. Save your line item.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When exactly is the conversion counted?
A conversion is recorded after the app has finished being installed on a user's Android device. 
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