TrueView campaigns

Conversion tracking in TrueView campaigns

You can measure de-duplicated conversions across TrueView in-stream, bumpers, and cross-exchange inventory with enhanced tracking for YouTube

About conversion tracking for TrueView line items

It's important to note that conversions in TrueView campaigns are counted differently than other types of line items in Display & Video 360.

TrueView line items

Unlike other types of line items which require you to select a Floodlight activity to use for conversion counting, TrueView line items automatically use any of the TrueView-enabled Floodlight activities that exist for your advertiser to count conversions. For information on enabling your Floodlight activities to count TrueView conversions, see Set up conversion tracking for TrueView inventory.

Reporting on conversion events for TrueView line items

Attribution data for TrueView line items is available in two reports in Display & Video 360: the TrueView conversion report and standard reports. There are different dimensions and metrics used in each report that reflect different attribution models. It’s important to keep this in mind when you view data from each report.

Standard reports

About these reports: Standard reports are your source for cross-media measurement in Display & Video 360 based on the Floodlight attribution model.

Popular metrics: Conversions

Tips for using this report: You can use the standard reports to see consistent cross-channel measurement based on Floodlight attribution.

TrueView conversion report

About this report: The TrueView conversion report shows metrics that are unique to TrueView line items, such as TrueView Conversions. These metrics are not available in other report types in Display & Video 360. The TrueView-specific metrics in this report do not take into account any other type of media you’re purchasing through Display & Video 360.

Popular metrics: TrueView Conversions

Tips for using this report: The conversion data from this report is used to optimize TrueView for action line items. We recommend using this report to look at performance data for TrueView for action line items in order to optimize your bidding strategy.

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