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Create YouTube & partners line items

In Display & Video 360, you use YouTube & partners line items to purchase YouTube inventory.

Nuances of YouTube & partners line items

Compared to other types of line items in Display & Video 360, YouTube & partners line items have an additional layer, the ad group level:

  • One YouTube & partners line item contains…
    • One or more ad groups, where each ad group contains…
      • One or more YouTube ads

The YouTube ad level is where you pick the YouTube videos you want to use for your line item and set the ad's landing page.

This article describes setting up a YouTube non-guaranteed auction line item. For YouTube reservation line items see Instant Reserve deals for YouTube and YouTube Programmatic Guaranteed deals.

Create a YouTube & partners line item

  1. Start in an existing insertion order or create a new one. You can also duplicate an existing insertion order that contains YouTube & partners line items and then edit the copied line items. 

  2. In your insertion order, click New line item.

  3. Pick YouTube & partners video. For YouTube audio line items select YouTube & partners audio and follow the steps for creating YouTube audio line items.

  4. Enter a Name for your line item.

  5. Choose a line item Objective and line item subtype. Follow the instructions based on your selection:

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