YouTube campaigns

Report on YouTube & partners line items

The metrics for a YouTube ad will be reset if the ad is updated after it starts serving. The total metrics in its parent ad group will be preserved.

YouTube metrics are available in Display & Video 360 in the campaign, insertion order, line item, and combined view tables. YouTube & partners video line items show TrueView Views, VTR, and CPV interactions. YouTube & partners audio line items show Compl. listens, Compl. rate, and CPCL interactions.

YouTube reports

Display & Video 360 has two types of reports specifically for YouTube campaigns: the YouTube (standard & conversions) report and the YouTube Inventory Availability report.

  • The YouTube report lets you measure the performance of your YouTube campaigns using YouTube-specific metrics. When creating a YouTube report, you can select either the Standard or Conversion reporting template to control what metrics and dimensions are available.

    Reporting on conversion events varies based on which conversion and measurement scenarios your advertiser is configured to optimize toward:

  • The YouTube Inventory Availability report lets you find the predicted amount of YouTube inventory that matches your targeting. To get a more accurate picture of inventory availability, you can refine the total number of available impressions by filtering based on various targeting and inventory-related settings.

You can see a list of the YouTube-specific metrics and dimensions available in these reports by selecting "YouTube" in the list of all metrics and dimensions available in Display & Video 360 reporting. 

You can view some of these metrics in lists of YouTube & partners line items by selecting YouTube from the the columns menu.

Placements are only shown if they meet certain minimum thresholds of impressions or interactions. Don’t use the report as an exhaustive list of placements for your ads, or as an accurate representation of billing. 

Data about YouTube in other reports

You can use the following reports to see other data about YouTube:

  • The Basic report to see standard metrics for your YouTube & partners line items (such as impressions, clicks, views, VAST, and Active View metrics) and de-duplicated conversions. The Basic report does not contain YouTube-specific metrics. Include the Media Type dimension to differentiate between Audio and Video line items.
  • The Reach report also includes data about YouTube.

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