Add third-party tracking tags to a display creative

You can add one or more third-party impression tracking tags to display creatives. To add tracking tags, open the creative, go to the Details tab, then expand the Additional details section.

Any HTML you add is considered part of the creative, so any changes or additions will be subject to creative review. The added tags have to be valid HTML, and they have to comply with both Display & Video 360's policies and those of the exchanges and publishers where the creative will be delivered.

For video ads, add third-party tracking with VAST or with a tag wrapper. For creatives hosted by a third party, add the tracking code to the HTML tag that calls the creative.

Append HTML tracking tags

If the creative is hosted by Display & Video 360 or synced from Campaign Manager 360:

  1. Open an advertiser, click Creatives.
  2. Click on a creative's name to edit that creative's details.
  3. Find and click Additional details to expand the section.
  4. Check the "Append HTML tracking tag" checkbox. If there's no "Append Tag" option for your creative, the feature is not enabled for your partner. To enable it, contact support.
  5. Paste the HTML tags  to append. Often, this is a tracking pixel in the format of an HTML image tag, for example: 
    <img src="https://TRACKING-PIXEL-URL-GOES-HERE" style="display:none">
  6. Click Save.

If the creative is hosted by a third-party ad server

  1. Open an advertiser, then click Creatives
  2. Click on a creative's name to edit that creative's details.
  3. You'll see the full creative tag in the Third-party tag field. Below the creative tag, paste the HTML tags to append. Often, this is a tracking pixel in the format of an HTML image tag, for example:
    <img src="https://TRACKING-PIXEL-URL-GOES-HERE" style="display:none">
  4. To make sure the tag is working, click Test tag. If the tag is recognized by Display & Video 360, you'll see a checkmark and the message: "Tag recognized".

  5. Click Save.

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