Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings reports

Contact your support team to enable your account for Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings.
How to enable Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings reports for Display & Video 360


  1. Contact your support representative to enable your account for Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings reports
  2. Create a channel (group of sites) for Nielsen measurement
    1. Click on your advertiser or partner
    2. Click on Channels (in partner) or Channels & Keywords (in advertiser)
    3. Check "Use as a Nielsen Digital Ad ratings site list" (channel)
  3.  Go to Insertion Order > Insertion Order Details
  4. Check the "Measure Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings"
    1. Insertion orders that measure Nielsen Digital Ads Ratings will only report on the Nielsen contract country set in their partner's basic details.
  5. Choose the channel created in step #2 

You can use the Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings reports to view a set of metrics that measure the reach and frequency of your ads across a number of demographic segments. Use these metrics to help you determine the effectiveness of your media buys and make sure you're reaching your desired audience.

Types of Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings reports in Display & Video 360

The following types of Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings reports are currently available in Display & Video 360:

  • Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings - Audience Profile: This is the primary Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings report, which offers the largest variety of Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings metrics.
  • Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings - Daily Reach Build: This report is useful for tracking reach over time, which can aid in planning and optimization.
  • Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings - Site: This report is useful for making comparisons between the various sites where your ads have served.
  • Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings - Online Global Market: This report is useful for making comparisons between the various geographies where your ads have served.

What can I measure?

Use the Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings reports to view demographic data for reach and frequency broken down by age, gender, device type, and other dimensions. This gives you the ability to see how much of your audience falls into individual demographic groups. For example, you can view data for a given site or campaign by the number of female users from 18–24, males from 18–24, females 25–34, males 25–34, and so on.

Outside the United States, Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings demographic data is only available for impressions from video creatives, not for impressions from display creatives.

Metrics in the Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings reports

  • Population: The number of people in the selected country that fall into this demographic, based on census data.

  • Unique Audience: The number of users reached for this demographic group at the specified aggregate limit.

  • Impressions: The number of impressions served to this demographic.

  • Audience Reach: The percent of this population that were reached. 

    (Unique viewers) / Population

  • Avg Frequency: Average number of times a user from this demographic was reached.

    (Impressions) / (Unique viewers)

  • Audience % Share: The percent of the audience within the demographic group compared to the total audience reached. 

    (Unique viewers within this demographic) /(Sum of unique viewers across all demographics)

  • Impression % Share: The percent of total impressions that were served to this demographic. 

    (Impressions within this demographic) / (Sum of all impressions across all demographics)

  • Gross Rating Points (GRP): (Average frequency) x (% Population reach)

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