Viewability targeting

In Display & Video 360, your line items can target inventory based on how viewable a given impression is likely to be. Predicted viewability is powered by Google's Active View technology.

Target inventory based on viewability

  1. Open a line item or insertion order, and navigate to the Viewability targeting page.

  2. In the Active View section of Viewability targeting, select a predicted viewability percentage to control what impressions your line item will bid on.

    Viewability targeting settings in Bid Manager

    Predicted viewability percentages are directly related to how viewable each impression you bid on is likely to be. For instance, if you want to bid only on impressions that are at least 50% likely to be viewable, select a predicted viewability setting of "50% or greater".

  3. Click Done once you've set your viewability targeting.

Impressions with a high predicted viewability can be a small subset of all inventory that's available. Targeting a high predicted viewability, will result in fewer matches.

If predicted viewability is constraining your inventory to the point where all of your budget isn't spent, try lowering your predicted viewability threshold.

When impressions aren't measurable for Active View (like mobile app impressions not integrated with Google mobile ads SDK) they shouldn't be targeted for viewability, because no inventory will be available.

Viewability targeting for connected TVs

By default, connected TV devices are excluded from viewability targeting settings you apply to a video line item. This ensures that you can bid on the majority of connected TV inventory, regardless of what your viewability settings are for other video inventory.

You can update this setting from your Display & Video 360 advertiser:

  1. Navigate to Advertiser and then Settings  and then Targeting.
  2. Click Edit Edit next to Viewability to make changes.
  3. Unselect the option to exempt connected TVs from viewability targeting for video line items.
  4. Click Save.

More details about Active View and connected TV devices

Connected TVs don’t support Active View tags, which are the basis of Display & Video 360 viewability targeting, so impressions from these devices are recorded as not measurable. This tagging limitation, however, doesn’t accurately represent that most in-stream video ads on connected TV devices are served in full-screen playback. This mode is considered highly viewable by the Media Ratings Council (MRC).

Display & Video 360 automatically excludes connected TV devices from your viewability targeting settings so that your bids on these devices reflect ad serving behavior.

Viewability targeting and creatives

If you’re using creatives synced from Campaign Manager 360 and plan on using viewability targeting, make sure that Active View is enabled for the Campaign Manager 360 placement that syncs with Display & Video 360.

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