Inventory transparency

The Bid Manager Reportable Sites channel will be removed on 8/27/2018.  Exclude the new Non-Reportable Sites and Apps channel from targeting instead.

Ensure all sites your ads serve to are reportable 

Exclude the Non-Reportable Sites and Apps channel in Apps & URLs targeting to ensure that all sites you serve to have their URLs exposed in any report you run. The Non-Reportable Sites and Apps channel is available in partner, advertiser, insertion order, and line item targeting.


  • Download composite list is not supported (to view a list of targeted sites).
  • Local reportable sites will be filtered out and not served on.

Non-transparent inventory

Non-transparent inventory is inventory that has been indexed as reportable, but uses URLs that diverge from URLs you'd normally see when visiting websites.

Within the larger world of "non-transparent" inventory, there are two subtypes of inventory:

  • Semi-transparent inventory (for example, Inventory is considered semi-transparent if the impression's bid request includes the channel and publisher's name, but not the URL of the page the impression is associated with. Google Ad Manager is currently the only provider of semi-transparent inventory in Display & Video 360.
  • Anonymous inventory (for example, Inventory is considered anonymous if the impression's bid request includes the publisher's name, but not the URL of the page the impression is associated with.

Low volume inventory in reports

If you create a Basic report that's grouped by site, you may see "Low volume inventory" in your report.

Low volume inventory in a report

Within reporting, "Low volume inventory" consists of impressions from the following:

  • Impressions associated with URLs that haven't been classified for targeting (see above).
  • Impressions on sites that are indexed, but temporarily aren't reportable.
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