About secure creatives

SSL compliance for creatives

Display & Video 360 requires that all creatives served outside of China are SSL compliant. Each creative that is added to Display & Video 360 is tested to detect any non-secure HTTP calls within the creative, including assets, fourth parties, and other trackers.

  • Non-secure creatives: If Display & Video 360 finds HTTP calls in the creative code, Display & Video 360 records that the creative is not SSL compliant. Non-secure creatives can't be served (with the exception of exemptions for inventory in China).
  • Secure creatives: If Display & Video 360 determines that a creative is SSL compliant (that is, only makes secure calls when loaded over HTTPS), line items that are associated with this creative are eligible to bid.

What is SSL compliance in Display & Video 360?

When creatives load, they may make any number of calls to various servers. An ad server that is called over https is supposed to make sure that all calls are made over HTTPS to be SSL compliant. Not all ad servers do this. To be safe, make sure any pixels or calls that you add to the creative are using the HTTPS protocol.

Check the SSL compliance of a creative

You can review a creative's SSL status in 3 places in Display & Video 360:

  • In an advertiser's Creatives page: Check the SSL column to the right of the creative's name. Compliant creatives have a Lock Lock.

  • In a creative's Basic Details page: Open the Audit information section, then expand the Creative and landing page review stage to check the creative's SSL status.

  • In a line item's Creatives page: Hover over the status shown in the Audit Status column. Compliant creatives have a Lock Lock in the SSL column next to Display & Video 360.

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