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SSL compliance for creatives

Display & Video 360 requires that all creatives are SSL compliant (except for creatives served in China, where SSL compliance isn't required). During creative review, each creative is tested to detect non-secure calls.

What is SSL compliance?

When creatives load, they may make any number of calls to various servers to load images and other resources. To be SSL compliant, make sure that all assets and trackers in your creative are loaded from secure servers. All URLs should start with https except landing page URLs. Display & Video 360 does not require landing pages to be SSL compliant.

  • The following image is loaded from a non-secure URL.
    <img src="http://www.example.com/image.jpg" width="300" height="600">
  • The following image is loaded from a secure URL.
    <img src="https://www.example.com/image.jpg" width="300" height="600">

Check the SSL compliance of a creative

  1. Open the creative, then click Creative status.
  2. If the Display & Video 360 review section isn't expanded, click to expand it.
  3. If the creative isn't SSL compliant, you'll see feedback that the creative isn't SSL compliant or that it contains non-secure HTTP calls. Review the list of detected destination URLs and look for URLs that start with "http://".

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