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Video targeting

On August 26, we’ll be introducing a revamped environment and position targeting experience that includes critical updates to targeting, Reporting, and Structured Data Files. Learn how to prepare

For video inventory, you can target impressions based on video ad position and video player size, in addition to all of the other targeting types available to all other RTB inventory.

Video ad position

Video line items may be targeted based on the position of the ad unit in the video content.

  • Pre-roll: The ad runs before the main video content.
  • Mid-roll: The ad runs in the middle of the main video content.
  • Post-roll: The ad runs after the main video content.

Video player size

Video line items may also be targeted based on video player size.

  • Small: The dimensions of the video player are less than 400×300 (desktop), or up to 20% of screen covered (mobile).
  • Large: The dimensions of the video player are 400×300 pixels or greater (desktop), or over 20% and up to 90% of the screen covered (mobile).
  • HD: The dimensions of the video player are 1280×720 or greater (desktop), or over 90% of the screen covered (mobile).
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