Video campaigns

Report on video campaigns

If you're running a video campaign in Display & Video 360, you can use any of Display & Video 360's reports (such as the Standard report) to view the performance of your video line items.

For instance, you can use…

  • The Standard report to review the performance of your line items, or use…
  • The Inventory Availability report to see how many video impressions are available to purchase.

Video metrics and dimensions

Reports in Display & Video 360 contain the following video-related metrics:

  • Starts (Video)
  • Pauses (Video)
  • Skips (Video)
  • Audio Mutes (Video)
  • Audio Unmutes (Video)
  • First-Quartile Views (Video)
  • Midpoint Views (Video)
  • Third-Quartile Views (Video)
  • Complete Views (Video)
  • Completion Rate (Video)
  • Fullscreens (Video)
  • Total Video Media Cost eCPCV (Advertiser Currency)
  • Video Media Cost eCPCV (Advertiser Currency)
  • Video Revenue eCPCV (Advertiser Currency)

Additionally, reports in Display & Video 360 contain the following video-related dimensions:

  • Max Video Duration
  • Video Continuous Play
  • Video Player Size
  • Video Rating Tier
  • Video Companion Creative
  • Video Companion Creative ID
  • Video Companion Creative Size
  • Video Skippable Support

For descriptions, see Metrics in reports and Dimensions in reports.

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