Campaign Manager properties used in Display & Video 360

If you use Campaign Manager with Display & Video 360, you'll need the following information for your advertiser's Campaign Manager configuration settings:

Account ID

Account ID is the ID representing the advertiser's account in Campaign Manager.

In Campaign Manager, this can be found in the upper-right corner of your browser:

Account ID in DCM
Campaign Manager Floodlight configuration

The Campaign Manager Floodlight Configuration ID is the unique ID representing the same advertiser in Campaign Manager. This is used to sync Floodlight activities from Campaign Manager to Display & Video 360 as first-party audience lists.

  • Single Campaign Manager advertiser: If your advertiser doesn't use a separate Floodlight configuration in Campaign Manager (for example, by sharing conversion pixels with another Campaign Manager advertiser), you can use your advertiser's Campaign Manager advertiser ID as your Display & Video 360's advertiser's Floodlight configuration ID. In Campaign Manager, the ID of an advertiser can be found next to the advertiser's name:

    Advertiser ID in DCM

  • Multiple Campaign Manager advertisers: If your advertiser has multiple advertisers in Campaign Manager that all share the same conversion pixels (Floodlight configuration), use the ID of the parent advertiser in Campaign Manager as your Floodlight configuration ID. In Campaign Manager, the ID of a parent advertiser can be found in Advertiser > Floodlight configuration > Parent advertiser name (ID HERE):

    Floodlight configuration ID in DCM

Campaign Manager sites

Campaign Manager sites are the one or more Campaign Manager sites that need to be associated with this advertiser. Please note, only the placements (and creatives) within these sites will be available in Display & Video 360. 

To enter multiple site IDs, separate them with commas.

In Campaign Manager:

Site IDs in Campaign Manager

Please note, once an advertiser has been saved, its Campaign Manager advertiser and account IDs can't be edited. The only advertiser details that can be added or edited are the site IDs.

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