Create a tag-based audience

Sometimes, advertisers may find it useful to segment users into different pools based on custom variables attached to a single Floodlight activity. This can be useful for planning, remarketing, and reporting based on various segments of larger audiences.

Requirements for creating tag-based audiences

In order to create tag-based audiences, you need to make sure custom variables are available for your Floodlight activities.

  • If your advertiser uses Campaign Manager 360 to track conversions, make sure you have at least one Floodlight activity that includes at least one custom Floodlight variable. (These custom variables control the parameters you can use to build tag-based audiences in Display & Video 360.)

    For more information, see the Custom Floodlight variables article in the Campaign Manager 360 Help Center.

  • If your advertiser doesn't use Campaign Manager 360 to track conversions, make sure you have at least one custom variable set up in Display & Video 360. For more information, see Manage custom variables for tag-based audiences.

To enable Floodlight activities for remarketing without custom variables see Manage Floodlight details, activities, or status.

Create a new tag-based audience

  1. First, make sure that you meet all of the requirements above. If you're unsure about your configuration, please speak to your support representative to verify your setup meets the technical requirements necessary for building tag-based audiences in Display & Video 360.

  2. In Display & Video 360, navigate to your advertiser, then click Audiences in the menu underneath the advertiser's name.

  3. Click New audience > Create tag-based audience, then in the window that opens:

    1. Enter a name for the new tag-based audience. This should only contain alphanumeric characters and not include special characters as these can cause errors to occur.

    2. Select a Floodlight activity to use as the basis for this tag-based audience.

      Read me if you don't see your variables

      If your Floodlight activities don't already contain custom variables in their configuration, you won't be able to create tag-based audiences in Display & Video 360.

      See "Requirements for creating tag-based audiences" above for more information.

    3. In the custom variables section, add conditions to define your tag-based audience. Note that you can use "+AND" to join more multiple logical conditions together.

      Rule builder for creating a custom audience
  4. Click Save and close.

Audience lists will start populating immediately after they've been created, but won't include users matching the criteria from Floodlight impressions in the past. After you've saved your audience, it will be available immediately for targeting and reporting purposes.

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