How Display & Video 360 creatives are served in Campaign Manager placements

If you use Display & Video 360 with Campaign Manager, Display & Video 360 creatives will be served by Campaign Manager as part of a placement.

In Campaign Manager, a placement may contain multiple ads, and each ad in the placement may be associated with multiple creatives (all hosted in Campaign Manager). Thus, it's common for a placement to be associated with multiple creatives.

The creatives in a placement may be served an unequal number of times, based on the following conditions:

  • Ad priority: Ads within a placement may serve more or less frequently than the other ads within the placement depending on the priority set for each ad.
  • Creative rotation: When more than one creative is assigned to an ad, each creative may be served an equal number of times or an unequal number of times, based on the creative rotation settings for the ad. When creatives are set to rotate unequally, each creative is served based on it's rotation "weight." These creative rotation weights can be set manually by Campaign Manager users or automatically by Campaign Manager.
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