Limitations of Active View in Display & Video 360

Active View is supported by compatible creatives hosted by Display & Video 360, hosted by a third-party ad server and served via Display & Video 360, and compatible creatives hosted by Campaign Manager 360. Learn more about Campaign Manager 360 Active View support.

If you host creatives with both third-party ad servers and Campaign Manager 360 (if you're a "hybrid" advertiser), Active View will be supported depending on how your creatives were added to Display & Video 360.

  • If your creative was configured to use a Campaign Manager 360-based tracking ad placement, the creative will support Active View.
  • If your creative was configured to use Display & Video 360 to track clicks and conversions, the creative will support Active View.
  • If your creative isn't a "tracking ad" based placement (for example, if it uses IMG tags to track conversions), the creative will not support Active View.

Not measurable or not eligible

If viewability is being measured by another service, or third party, there can be discrepancies with Display & Video 360. These are cases when Active View can't be measured in Display & Video 360:

  • Ad tags served through cross-domain iframes may not be measurable for viewability.
  • When an ad's backup image displays or a default ad serves, the impression does not count as measurable.

There are also cases when Active View isn't eligible to be measured:

  • If there is a problem with the browser or internet connection that occurs before the tag can finish sending Active View data.
  • Or if the browser is closed by a user before Active View data can be captured.

Serve ads using Campaign Manager 360?

Display & Video 360 creatives correspond to Campaign Manager 360  placements, not Campaign Manager 360 creatives. This means "Active View enabled" Display & Video 360 creatives don't map directly to "Active View enabled" Campaign Manager 360 creatives. Although this can lead to confusion in reporting, the % Viewable Impressions metric is still a useful indicator of the overall viewability of your ads.

Active View in Display & Video 360 isn't always Active View in Campaign Manager 360

Active View is technically enabled by attaching a JavaScript tag to a creative in Campaign Manager 360. In Display & Video 360, a Display & Video 360 creative is considered "Active View enabled" if its associated Campaign Manager 360 placement has at least one Active View enabled Campaign Manager 360 creative. This can create situations where a Display & Video 360 creative is marked "Active View enabled" even though some, but not all, creatives in the placement in Campaign Manager 360 are Active View enabled. In these situations, a Display & Video 360 "creative" may serve both Active View enabled Campaign Manager 360 creatives and non-Active View enabled Campaign Manager 360 creatives, based on creative rotation settings and ad priorities (described above).

Impact of non-Active View creatives on metrics

When a Display & Video 360 creative corresponds to a Campaign Manager 360 placement with both Active View enabled and non-Active View enabled creatives, the number of Measurable Impressions reported in Display & Video 360 can seem lower than expected, since this number reflects a portion of all impressions served for the Display & Video 360 creative.

Show me an example

If a Display & Video 360 creative is associated with a Campaign Manager 360 placement consisting of two, equally rotated creatives, where only one creative is Active View enabled, then Measurable Impressions can be no more than 50% of all impressions. For example, since all placements must contain a default creative, and default creatives must be static images, the impressions served by the default creative won't be measurable by Active View, since default creatives can't contain JavaScript.

However, the % Viewable Impressions is still a useful metric, since this percentage describes the amount of viewable impressions among all measurable impressions, which is approximately the same for all impressions served for the same Display & Video 360 creative.


Please see the following table for information on which creative types support Active View:

Creative type Supported
Custom display Yes
Custom display interstitial No
Display Yes
In-stream audio Reduced availability
In-stream video Reduced availability
Display redirect Yes
In-stream video redirect Reduced availability
Rich media display expanding Yes
Rich media display interstitial Yes
Rich media display banner Yes
Rich media VPAID Reduced availability

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