How time zones work in Display & Video 360

In Display & Video 360, the time zone of your advertiser affects the start/end dates for line items and insertion orders, and the time windows used for counting impressions, clicks, and conversions.

  • If you use Campaign Manager, your advertiser's time zone in Display & Video 360 is the same as the time zone of the advertiser in Campaign Manager.
  • If you don't use Campaign Manager, your advertiser's time zone is inherited from its partner.

Daypart targeting

If your line items' daypart targeting uses a time zone of "Local", daypart targeting will be based on the local time zone of the people viewing your ads. Otherwise, dayparting will reflect the fixed time zone selected.

Time zones for reports

All reports will be based on the same time zone as used by the advertiser. It’s not possible to set a separate time zone for reports. Data in the Inventory Availability Report is given in the UTC/GMT time zone.

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