Connect a Campaign Manager 360 advertiser to Display & Video 360

If you're already using Campaign Manager 360 to serve ads, you can connect it to Display & Video 360 to coordinate your campaigns.

Linking Campaign Manager 360 is different from linking other Google ad products. Instead of establishing a direct link, you'll share the Floodlight configuration from the Campaign Manager 360 advertiser, then use the shared Floodlight configuration to create a new Display & Video 360 advertiser.

Keep in mind

  • Linking is permanent: You can't unlink advertisers once you've connected them. Double-check your advertiser details before linking them.
  • No subaccount links: You can't link a Campaign Manager 360 advertiser that's a subaccount of another Campaign Manager 360 advertiser to Display & Video 360.
  • All audience lists sync: Display & Video 360 will sync all of your Campaign Manager 360 audience lists. You can't choose specific lists.
  • 24 hour sync time: When you create new creatives in Campaign Manager 360, it can take up to 24 hours for them to show up in Display & Video 360.
  • Don't remove sites: It's not recommended to remove Campaign Manager 360 sites after you've added and synced them because it may affect synced creatives.

Before you start

 In Campaign Manager 360, ask an account admin to share their Floodlight configuration with your Display & Video 360 partner.

Create a new advertiser in Display & Video 360

 Once your Campaign Manager 360 account admin has shared their Floodlight configuration, you're ready to create a new Display & Video 360 advertiser.

Note: Only Display & Video 360 account admins can create new advertisers. Google Marketing Platform support can't create linked advertisers or unlink advertisers for you.

When you're creating your advertiser, use the following settings in the "Ad server and attribution" section.

  1. Ad server: Select Campaign Manager 360 and third-party ad servers.
  2. Attribution settings: Select the Floodlight group shared from your advertiser in Campaign Manager 360. If you don't see the ID you're looking for, it hasn't been shared with your partner yet.
  3. Campaign Manager 360 sites: Choose whether to use existing sites or create a new one.
    • If you don't have an existing Campaign Manager 360 site to sync with Display & Video 360, select Automatically create a linked Campaign Manager 360 site for me. You'll need to traffic creatives and tracking ads to this new site for syncing.
    • If you already have a Campaign Manager 360 site to sync, select Add my own Campaign Manager 360 sites. Only placements, creatives, and tracking ads within these sites will sync to Display & Video 360.

After you create your new advertiser, it can take up to 24 hours for placements, creatives, and tracking ads to show up in Display & Video 360.

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