Device targeting

Use device targeting to target people based on the physical hardware someone is using. Options for device type include

  • Computer
  • Connected device (audio only): internet-connected devices that use voice commands as the primary interaction method. Includes smart speakers, smart displays, connected cars, wearables, etc.
    • Does not include devices where voice is an option but is not the primary interaction method (such as connected TV).
  • Connected TV, which includes all devices that fit into the following descriptions:
    • Streaming devices: devices that connect to a TV screen to display video streams (Roku, Apple TV, etc.)
    • Smart TV: TVs with integrated internet connections (Samsung Smart TV, etc.)
    • Gaming consoles: internet-connected gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, etc.)
    • Set top boxes: devices delivering traditional cable and video-on-demand (VOD) content.
  • Tablet (includes other small mobile devices, like Android powered cameras)
  • Smartphone

For connected TV, tablet, smartphone, and connected devices, there are the following additional options:

  • Makes and models: Individual hardware options from the types of devices listed above
  • Operating system: Specific operating systems for the types of devices listed above.

For example, to target iPad users, open a line item or insertion order, navigate to Targeting and then Device and then Makes and models, search for "iPad", then click the green check mark next to each model.

For YouTube efficient reach, non-skippable, instream or in-feed video ads, and YouTube audio ad formats you can expand Advanced settings to set a bid adjustment. Bid adjustments allow you to bid a different amount for views on each device type

Example: If your standard bid is $0.10 CPV but you want your bid for smartphone views to be $0.12 CPV, you could set a smartphone bid adjustment of 20%.

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