Third-Party Data Provider report

Use the Third-Party Data Provider report to retrieve the costs for using data from third-party data providers. You can view both total cost information for each provider and cost information for using individual lists.

What can I measure?

You can measure the following metrics in a Third-Party Data Provider report:

  • Impressions: The number of impressions purchased, based on your report's date range and selected dimensions. The number of impressions is de-duplicated, such that if a visitor was in multiple lists, the impression is only counted once and is only associated with a single list.
  • Data Cost: The cost of each data provider or user list associated with your line items.
    • "Data Cost" is in the advertiser's currency.
    • "Data Cost (USD) is in US dollars.
    • "Data Cost (Partner Currency) is in the partner's currency.

Dimensions in the Third-Party Data Provider report

The following dimensions are unique to this report:

  • Data Provider: An individual third-party data provider.
  • Attirbuted User List: An individual user list from a third-party data provider, to which an individual impression is associated with.

For descriptions of other dimensions, see Dimensions available in reports.

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