Forecast the reach of a line item

Line item reach forecasting in Display & Video 360 enables you to efficiently create line items that meet your campaign’s goals. Reach forecasting data is updated automatically as you change the settings of a line item, so you can:

  • Verify that the line item will meet your campaign goals.
  • Explore how each targeting option impacts the reach of your line item.
  • See how adjusting your bid or budget changes performance.

How reach forecasts are calculated

Line item reach forecasting simulates performance by taking historical traffic and layering your current targeting, bid, budget, and flight settings on top of it. In other words, the forecast is based on the number of historical bid requests the platform has received that match your line item’s settings.

The historical traffic used to estimate performance is based on the length of the line item’s flight, up to 30 days in the future. For example, the reach forecasting of a line item with a 7 day flight would take into account 7 days of historical traffic.

Reach forecasts are not a guarantee of the actual traffic your line items will get.

For privacy considerations, Display & Video 360 doesn’t display data for targeting combinations that could result in less than 1,000 impressions.

More information about targeting options and forecasting

Line item reach forecasting takes into account most of the targeting options available in Display & Video 360. You’ll see a message in the forecasting tool if any of the targeting used by your line item is not taken into account by the forecast.

You won't see a forecast if you use any of the following targeting options:

  • YouTube & partners line items
    • Apps options in placement targeting
    • Custom affinity segments
    • Custom in-market audience lists
    • Device targeting
    • Similar audience lists
  • Video line items
    • Custom affinity segments
    • Device type (only connected TV devices selected)
    • Third-party verification services

You’ll see a forecast if you use any of the following targeting options, but the targeting option won’t be included in the forecast:

  • YouTube & partners line items
    • Keywords
    • Life events audience lists
  • Video line items
    • Apps & URL collections
    • Household income demographics
    • Keywords
    • Negative keyword lists
    • Parent status demographics

How are forecasts in planned campaigns different from line item reach forecasts?

In planned campaigns, reach forecasts take all open auction and YouTube products in the plan into account when generating a forecast. (An individual product in a plan can correspond to one or more insertion orders or line items within a campaign that's in flight.) This makes it easier to see how multiple open auction and YouTube products affect the campaign's overall forecasted performance. 

Line item reach forecasts provide reach estimates for individual line items. These reach forecasts don't consider demand from any other line items in your insertion order or campaign that might be attempting to buy the same inventory.

Other things to consider:

  • Forecasts in planned campaigns are not customized to your specific historical performance. However, line item reach forecasts may consider your average historical performance.

  • Line item reach forecasts will be updated if you edit settings and targeting in the line item, insertion order, or campaign. These changes may cause additional discrepancies between a line item's reach forecast and the forecasts in your planned campaign.

Explore the forecast

You’ll see reach forecasting as you create and edit line items with a flight date that starts in the future. Once your line item begins to serve, the forecasts will no longer be available.

Reach data

The following data is available for YouTube & partners line items:

  • Estimated impressions, views, and average CPV (TrueView) or average CPM (non-skippable).
  • Available inventory for impressions. These numbers match what you’ll see in an Inventory Availability report.

The following data is available for video and display line items:

  • Estimated impressions, viewable impressions, and reach.
  • Available inventory for impressions and viewable impressions. These numbers match what you’ll see in an Inventory Availability report.

The following reach data is available for Gmail line items:

  • Available inventory for impressions, available inventory for viewable impressions, and available reach. These numbers match what you’ll see in an Inventory Availability report.

Audience data

Get deeper insight into audience you’re targeting by viewing a breakdown based on age, gender, and device type.


  • Reach forecasts don't take into account:

    • Any other line items in the same insertion order as the line item you’re viewing.
    • (YouTube & partners line items) Ad sequence line items aren't supported.  Line items that use popular content placement targeting on inventory from Google video partners aren't supported. 
    • (Video and display line items) Your exact fee structure with Display & Video 360.
    • (Gmail line items) Environment, Browser, Day & Time, Carrier & ISP, Connection, Custom Affinity, Custom In-market audience lists, and Proximity geo targeting and Regional Location Lists. Budget, Bid and Frequency management settings at the Insertion order and Line item levels are also not taken into account.
  • Reach forecasts are only available for YouTube & partners and video line items that use:

    • Fixed bids
    • Budgets based on currencies
    • (Video line items only) Flight dates. Line items that use real-time triggers to control flighting are not supported. 
  • Reach forecasts are only available for the following types of geography targeting:

    • Postal code
    • City
    • State
    • Region
    • Country
  • Due to differences in cookie and device ID settings, advertisers may see fluctuations in delivery and performance when cookies or device ID are unavailable.
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