Budget segments

Schedule a budget for a period of time

Use a budget segment if you want to set aside a specific budget for a given period of time an insertion order is running. For example, if you wanted to set different budgets for each month your insertion order is active, you could do so using budget segments for each month.

Add a new budget segment

  1. Open an insertion order, then navigate to the Settings tab.

  2. Click Add a budget, then:

    • Enter an amount in the budget column.

    • Enter a description for the budget segment. This can help you keep track of PO numbers

    • Set the dates your segment will run.

  3. Once you're done adding budget segments, click Save to save your work.

Frequently asked questions

How do budget segments affect line items' budgets?

Budget segments provide a ceiling to limit the overall amount of money that can be spent by the line items in an insertion order over a specific window of time. If a line item's daily budget is higher than the budget left in a budget segment—or, if a line item has an unlimited budget—the line item will ultimately be limited by the remaining budget in the budget segment.

If your insertion order uses scheduled budget segments, the line items in the insertion order will only buy impressions during active budget segments, and not outside of them
Can I actualize unspent budget segments?

Yes. If you want to free up the remaining unspent portion of a budget segment, you can actualize the budget segment so you can manually reallocate the unspent budget to other segments.

If you actualize a budget segment while the budget segment is active, the budget segment's remaining budget will be set to 0 and bidding will stop for all line items until the next segment starts.

Accurate unspent budget numbers (displayed when you click Show actualized in Insertion Order Details ) can be delayed by up to 48 hours after the budget segment ends.

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