Position targeting

As of August 26 we’ve introduced a revamped environment and position targeting experience that includes critical updates to targeting, Reporting, and Structured Data Files. Learn more

Position targeting allows you to control where your ads will appear relative to other content, whether it’s text on a webpage or within a video stream.

At the insertion order level, you can select from the following position targeting options:

Position targeting

Each line item type includes options for position targeting specific to the inventory and formats for that line item. Display line items, for example, don’t include settings for video or audio.

Position on screen

Use this option to set targeting based on where an ad is located on a screen, such as above or below the fold.

Keep in mind that not all inventory is labeled as above or below the fold. If you select only above the fold and/or below the fold, the line item won't be able to serve if the ad position is unknown.

If you’d only like to serve ads that are prominently positioned on screen, you can exclude below the fold and unknown positions.

Position in content

Use this option to set targeting based on where an ad is located in relation to other content, such as in-banner or in-article for display and out-stream video or pre-roll for in-stream audio.

The options are different based on the type of inventory:

Display and video out-stream

  • In-article: Ads that appear between the paragraphs of your pages.
  • In-feed: Ads that appear in a scrollable stream of content. A feed is typically editorial (e.g. a list of articles or news) or listings (e.g. a list of products or services).
  • Interstitial: Ads shown before or between content loads.
  • In-banner: Ads that display on the top and the sides of a page.
  • Unknown: Ads with an unknown position. Include this option for the largest reach for your line items.

Audio and video in-stream

  • Pre-roll: Ads that play before streaming content.
  • Mid-roll: Ads that play between the beginning and end of streaming content.
  • Post-roll: Ads ads that play at the end of video content.
  • Unknown: Available only for audio.

When you include multiple options for position in content targeting, they aren’t additive. For example, if you select both pre-roll and in-article, you’d bid on impressions that are pre-roll or in-article, not pre-roll and in-article.

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