Audience Performance report

Use the Audience Performance report to see how well your line items performed for the various audience lists available in Display & Video 360. This report is not available for TrueView line items.

This report looks at all the users you reached, and groups your impressions, clicks, and conversions by the audience lists those users were in. This includes not only first-party lists, but also third-party lists.

What can I measure?

You can measure the performance of your audience lists by using a large selection of metrics, such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and so on. For information on all of the metrics available in this report, see Metrics in reports.

You can choose to include only targeted audience lists in your report or view data for all audience lists in your advertiser. To include only targeted audience lists:

  1. Check the option to Include targeted audience lists.

  2. Filter the report by insertion order or line item to include data for audience lists specifically targeted by those items.

If you don’t use this setting, your report will use all first- and third-party audience lists that include users your line items delivered ads to.

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