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Third-party measurement on YouTube

Google does not accept third-party tracking pixels for YouTube measurement. Display & Video 360 supports third-party Viewability, Brand Safety, Reach & Brand Lift measurement for YouTube ads with verified measurement vendors. If you want to use a third-party measurement vendor (for example, Nielsen) for your YouTube ads, you'll need to enable this directly within Display & Video 360. Failure to do so is subject to disruptions to third-party measurement.

To enable third-party measurement for YouTube & partners line items, measurement partners must first be enabled in Advertiser settings. You will need a vendor client ID for each measurement partner, which should be provided by the measurement partner. 

Once the third-party measurement vendor is enabled for your advertiser, you can enable it on individual YouTube & partner line items. Optionally, you can request that a measurement partner is on-by-default, which will automatically enable the measurement partner for all newly created YouTube & partners line items

  1. Configure third-party measurement for your advertiser:
    1. Navigate to Advertiser Settings > Basic Details > Additional settings > Third-party services and click the pencil icon Pencil icon / edit icon to edit.
    2. Select the desired measurement vendors and enter the vendor client ID for each. 
    3. Click Apply.
  2. (Optional) Request on-by-default enablement for a specific measurement partner by contacting support directly through chat or email. 
On-by-default enablement is only available for some Viewability, Brand Safety, and Reach measurement vendors. Reach out to your measurement partner contact to confirm they support on-by-default enablement and for information on the terms & conditions of using on-by-default settings.
  1. Enable third-party measurement for individual YouTube & partner line items:
    1. Navigate to Line item details > Additional settings > Third-party vendors.
    2. Select a vendor for viewability, brand safety, brand lift, or reach. You can also add the optional reporting ID, or deselect measurement vendors if necessary.

Supported measurement vendors

Measurement type

Measurement vendor




Integral Ad Science (IAS)

Brand safety


Integral Ad Science (IAS)







Video Research


Audience Project

Brand lift





  • Only one vendor-measurement-VCID (vendor client ID) combination is allowed per account.
  • If any changes to the vendor client ID are needed, you must update this for the third-party vendor in Advertiser settings
    VCID updates will not affect existing line items, unless those line items are edited. Example: You can make and save a small change to an existing line item (and revert it if necessary) to ensure that existing line item uses the newest vendor client ID.
  • For measurement partners enabled for on-by-default at the advertiser level, these settings will automatically populate for newly created line items, with the option to add a reporting ID or disable the vendor on individual YouTube & partner line items.
  • Third-party measurement for YouTube Programmatic Guaranteed deals must be configured by your account manager. Reach out to your account manager for more details. Third-party measurement for Instant Reserve deals can be enabled within Display & Video 360 during deal creation or editing.
  • Third-party measurement support is limited for YouTube & partners line items using multi-format ads, including video views and efficient reach subtypes. Reach out to your measurement partner contact for more information.
  • Not all third-party measurement vendors are supported for all YouTube ad formats.

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