Overdelivery on your insertion order budget

Learn what happens in the event of overdelivery

In cases where we deliver over your monthly budget, we'll automatically credit the overdelivery cost back to you. Overdelivery occurs due to a delay in recording media costs associated with a served impression. If a line item spends exceptionally quickly due to aggressive bidding, or has broad targeting, we may not record the cost in time to pause the line item as it exhausts its budget. Other complexities such as delayed clicks and last click identification can result in overspend. To learn more about pacing, see Set budgets and control your pacing.

Overdelivery credit

Credits are automatically calculated at the end of each month and are listed as a line item labelled Budget Adjustment on your invoice. The overage percentage is determined based on actual spend and excludes markups. Changing the revenue model of an insertion order’s budget segment will not impact the amount credited to the advertiser.

  • The auto credit includes all excess media cost and tech fees over your monthly spend budget.
  • Overdelivery credits doesn't apply to:
    • Partner markups
    • Campaign budgets set in terms of impressions
  • The automatic credit does not apply to impression based insertion orders or campaigns.

For Programmatic Guaranteed deals where an overdelivery occurs, only the contracted billable impression amount will be invoiced. It's possible to report delivered impressions versus billable impressions using offline reports. 

  • Note: Display & Video 360 invoices for billable impressions 

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