Advertiser verification

To provide a safe and trustworthy ad ecosystem for users, Display & Video 360 enables users to provide basic information about their identity which Google then verifies. Once Google verifies your identity, an ad disclosure is generated which displays your name and location and is included on any ads you run. By providing transparency about who our advertisers are and where they are located, we elevate user trust and confidence in Google’s products and services, and empower users to make informed decisions about the ads they see online. 

Learn more about transparency and ad disclosures

How Google uses your information

Google will use the information you provide to:

  1. Verify your identity and/or your business operations 
  2. Show a disclosure including your name, or the name of the business you represent, and location, linked from any ads you run. 

Find out more about Advertiser transparency and disclosures.

As Google expands its transparency efforts, we will make information about your Google Ads accounts and ad campaigns publicly available including:

  • Advertiser name change history
  • Ad creatives
  • Dates and locations ads served
  • Ads removed or accounts suspended for legal or policy reasons
  • Business contact information

Personal contact information, phone numbers, or email addresses will not be published

Verification process

Display & Video 360 partner admins are notified in-account when they are eligible to begin the verification process. Click Get Started in the notification to navigate to the verification card, located on the Policy Center page in Partner Settings.

Steps to verification:

  1. Admin chooses the advertiser accounts that are associated with a single advertiser or brand.
  2. Admin follows the verification link to continue verifying if they self-advertise and pay for their own ads. If they are an agency and pay for their client’s ads, they will share the link with the advertiser for them to verify themselves.
  3. Admin or advertiser provides information including name, location, and certain documentation.

Complete advertiser verification

Either the admin or the advertiser will be directed to the verification link where they will log in with their Google account.

Step 1: Select or create a payments profile

This profile will be used to represent your organization’s identity as an advertiser. It won’t alter your account, billing, or payments in any way.

Step 2: Provide information about your organization’s name and location

You will be required to upload a document that confirms your organization’s name and address. See what documents are acceptable

Step 3: Provide your information

You will be required to provide a document which verifies your name and location. See what documents are acceptable

Requirements for advertiser name

The advertiser name is the legal name of the advertiser, verified by Google through the advertiser verification program.

The advertiser name will be displayed within the ‘About this advertiser’ disclosure. Learn more.

The following is not allowed:

Inaccurate names or ‘doing business as’ names, brand or product names, that do not match the legal name of the advertiser. The advertiser name must be the legal name of the advertiser, and match any registration documents submitted during the verification program. For agencies, the name must be the legal name of the advertiser you are representing.

Capitalization, promotional language, or domains, unless they are part of a valid legal name.

Special characters such as emojis, opening hours, product or service information, or phone numbers.

Once you’ve submitted the verification form, Google will email you our decision, usually within 3-5 business days. 

Status of advertiser verification

Visit the Policy Center in Partner Settings to see the status of advertiser verification. For partner admins, you'll see which advertisers remain unverified, which are in progress, and which have completed verification. You can continue verifying any unverified advertisers from this page.

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