Advanced ad serving fees in Display & Video 360

In Display & Video 360, an impression-based fee is charged for advanced ad serving on top of the basic ad serving fee. The fee is called Advanced Ad Serving, and it only applies to advanced display, video, and audio formats.

How the advanced ad serving fee is applied

The fee for these advanced formats is a $0.12 CPM (cost per mille) USD upcharge on your other Display & Video 360 fees. If you use Campaign Manager 360 with Display & Video 360, you’ll only be charged once, in Campaign Manager 360. For example, if you upload creatives to Campaign Manager 360, then sync them to Display & Video 360, the fee is applied only in Campaign Manager 360. But if you serve directly from Display & Video 360, the fee is applied to your Display & Video 360 billing.

The fee is only applied after:

  1. You accept the terms of the fee and turn on advanced ad serving for your advertiser.
  2. You publish and assign advanced creative formats to line items.
  3. Advanced creative formats are served.

In invoices, you can find this fee under "Other fees". The fee is also included in the total media cost, but is not included in media cost. (Media cost only includes the cost to buy the impressions.)

Formats that include an advanced serving fee

You’ll be charged an advanced ad serving fee for multi-variant creative formats:

  • Dynamic display, video, and audio creatives, including data-driven creatives in Display & Video 360 (Cuecard, Panorama, Blank slate, custom data-driven display formats, and Customizable audio mixer.)
  • Customizable display, video, and audio projects built in Ads Creative Studio

Find out if an ad format is advanced

You can identify advanced ad creative formats in Display & Video 360 in several places:

You’ll find "Yes" in the "Adv. serving" column in:

  • Your advertiser’s list of creatives
  • Each line item’s list of assigned creatives
  • Each line item’s list of eligible creatives during assignment
  • Each advanced creative’s details and status summary

In Format Gallery, you'll also find an "Adv. serving" label on formats that include the fee.

Accept the serving fee in Display & Video 360

When you create or upload an advanced creative in Display & Video 360 or link an Ads Creative Studio account, you’ll be asked to read the updated terms and accept the advanced ad serving fee.

After you accept the fee, the action can't be undone. But you will only be charged if you use advanced creative formats in active campaigns.

  1. From your partner, expand Partner Settings in the left menu and click Advertiser Configurations.

  2. Accept the Advanced ad serving fee terms, then select which advertisers you want to allow to serve advanced ads.

What if I don’t accept the fee?

If you don’t want to accept the fee:

  • Existing advanced creatives created in Display & Video 360 before the fee was introduced on October 1, 2022 continue to serve
  • If you edit an existing creative, you won't be able to publish your changes
  • You won't be able to publish new advanced creatives
  • You won’t be able to publish advanced creatives from a linked Ads Creative Studio account

If you accept the fee, you'll be able to publish advanced creatives. If you don't accept the fee, you can still assign and serve other creative types in your campaigns.

Find the fee rate for a line item

When the fee is accepted and turned on for your advertiser, you can find the advanced ad serving rate in each line item at the start of the Creatives section. This rate is shown in the currency set for your advertiser.

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