What's new: January 2022

Learn about new features and updates to Display & Video 360 from January 2022

Campaign and workflow updates

Workflow improvements for line item and insertion order overviews

We’ve brought the efficiencies of the combined view to the insertion order and line item overviews. You’ll now see pinned views, more insights, greater workflow efficiency, and more inline controls.

New notification panel

A new notification has been added in Display & Video 360, providing users with a single location to find product announcements such as feature launches and improvements, updates to reporting, policies, links to livestreams, or research opportunities.

Update to YouTube & partners video line item categories

YouTube video line item types have been renamed to make creation more intuitive based on the campaign objective.

New YouTube line item types:

  • Product and brand consideration (renamed from “Brand awareness“). Compatible with CPV bid strategy:
    • In-stream or in-feed video ads
    • Ad sequence with CPV bid strategy only
  • Brand awareness and reach (renamed from “Reach”). Compatible with target CPM bid strategy:
    • Efficient reach (bumper, skippable in-stream)
    • Non-skippable ads
    • Ad sequence with target CPM bid strategy only

Programmatic TV deprecated

Display & Video 360's Linear TV buying capability (Programmatic TV) has been deprecated and campaigns will not serve beyond December 31, 2021. Connected TV will remain available.

Web environment targeting update

The option to “include inventory not optimized by device type” has been removed from web environment targeting.

Deprecated WEBM transcodes for in-stream video in Campaign Manager 360

We have deprecated redundant WEBM video transcodes that were often not supported by publishers.

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