About linking Google Analytics 4 to Display & Video 360

To link an Analytics 360 (Universal Analytics) property to Display & Video 360, you must create the link from the Analytics 360 account. Learn more about linking Analytics 360 and Display & Video 360. The process described below only applies for Google Analytics 4.

Linking Google Analytics to Display & Video 360 allows you to use Google Analytics audience lists for targeting or combine them with other audiences to create unique list types. You can also auto-bid on Google Analytics goals or conversions through custom bidding

Linking options

You can link Google Analytics 4 to your Display & Video 360 in the following ways: 

Available Google Analytics 4 features

The following table lists out the different Google Analytics features available to Display & Video 360 when you link directly or using a Floodlight configuration. We recommend that you use both methods of linking to get access to more features.

Google Analytics 4 feature

Linking Google Analytics to a Display & Video 360 account

Linking Google Analytics 4 to a Floodlight configuration

Google Analytics conversions Access to Google Analytics conversions attributed to Display & Video 360  Read-only access to Google Analytics conversion Floodlight activities
Attribution models Access to a limited number of models Access to all models
Audiences Access to all audiences No access to audiences

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