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Removing WEBM and 3GPP video transcodes

The current list of video transcodes is comprehensive for the sake of thoroughness, however we’ve learned that the majority of publisher requirements can be met with a smaller list of transcodes. To make it easier to review transcodes, we’re removing rarely used WEBM and 3GPP transcodes from the list.

Improving view-through-conversion modeling for Firefox

Browsers and operating systems are constantly making changes to the way third-party cookies are used and accessible to advertising platforms like Campaign Manager 360 and Display & Video 360. The goal of conversion modeling efforts is to present you an accurate measurement of conversions for your advertising campaigns. In order to do this, we make continuous improvements to our modeling algorithms. With this update, we are launching an incremental improvement to the recovery of conversion loss on Firefox.

Enhanced timesaving features coming to combined, insertion order and line item views

The timesaving functionalities found in combined view will be added to the insertion order and line item views, along with new enhancements. You’ll be able to pin which tab you want as your default, and you’ll see improvements to how you see, filter, and edit insertion orders and line items.

Improved workflow for YouTube audio ads line items

To make it easier to set up audio line items and differentiate between video and audio, we’re adding YouTube audio line items as a separate type.

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