Homepage and workspaces

On the homepage you can review the pacing of insertion orders based on groups you create, called workspaces. Pacing related metrics in your workspaces help you ensure that ads are delivering in full and any budget at risk can be addressed.

Create a custom workspace

  1. Click the house icon on the top right to access the homepage.
  2. On the homepage click Create new workspace on the drop-down menu (with your default workspace) to create a custom workspace.
  3. Choose the insertion orders you want to view in your workspace (you must have permission to the advertisers the insertion orders belong to).

Share, edit, and delete workspaces

  • Click the Share Share to create a shareable link that goes directly to the workspace. The viewer of the link must have access to the workspace’s insertion orders.
  • Click Edit Edit to change which insertion orders are included in the Workspace. You can search insertion orders by name or ID, or use filters to find all insertion orders that meet a given criteria. 
  • Click Copy Copy to create a copy of the workspace (this may be useful if you want to use an existing workspace as a template).
  • Click Delete Delete to remove a workspace.

Workspace metrics

  • Pacing: The rate of pacing relative to the rate of pacing needed to deliver in full, expressed as a percentage.
  • Budget at risk: The difference between budget assigned to the IO and the projected spend.
  • Flight budget: The amount of money the IO can spend or number of impressions the IO can purchase. 
  • Days left: The number of full days between today and the end date of the IO, not including today.


  • Limit of 10 workspaces.
  • Limit of 1,000 insertion orders in a workspace.
  • Workspaces show pacing for the current budget flight only.
  • Programmatic guaranteed deal insertion orders can’t be included in workspaces.
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