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Media Asset IDs will now be available in all VAST tags from Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360

Media Asset ID <mediafile> will be available in Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360 video VAST tags. This unique identifier provides a workaround for how advertisers and publishers identify unique videos in their own platforms.

New metrics and dimensions to expose budget and pacing information in standard reports

The following metrics and dimensions will be added to Display & Video 360 standard reports:

  • Metrics:
    • Percentage of current IO goal
  • Dimensions:
    • Budget segment budget
    • Budget segment start date
    • Budget segment end date
    • Budget segment name
    • Budget segment type
    • Line item budget
    • Line item start date
    • Line item end date
    • Line item pacing percentage
    • Current Budget Segment Pacing %
    • Current IO Goal Type
    • Current IO Goal Value

Pause state coming at the partner level

A new pause state will soon be added at the partner level, allowing you to quickly prevent serving while preserving the data stored in the partners.

Download SDF metadata for ID lookups

We’re adding a Download Metadata option in the SDF actions menu, in addition to the current Upload and Download options. This allows you to download CSV files to look up various public and private ID and name mappings to use with SDF.

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