Billing currencies in invoices

Your currencies

Currencies set for your partner or advertiser are shown in Settings > Basic Details > Currency.

You can receive invoices in any of the following:

  • Your partner currency
  • Your advertiser currency
  • USD (except for invoices sent to AR, BR, CN, IN, ID, IT, KR, RU, and TW).

Partner and advertiser currencies also determine the currencies available in reporting. 

Currencies can't be changed after creating a partner or advertiser

  • Your partner or advertiser currencies cannot be changed. 
  • If you need to bill in a currency not reflected in the partner or advertiser settings, a new advertiser must be created with your preferred invoice currency.
    • After you’ve created an advertiser with the new currency, reach out to the billing support team or your sales representative to request a new billing profile
    • To create a new partner, reach out to your sales representative.  

How currencies are converted

  • All buying in Display & Video 360 happens in USD. Currency conversion rates for reporting or invoicing are sourced from a commonly used bank feed of daily exchange rates.
  • Google doesn't charge a fee for currency conversion.
  • Currency conversion is precise, so there is no advantage to bidding in one currency rather than another.
  • Google does not share the exact exchange rate information because of daily fluctuation.

Convert an existing Invoice to a new currency

  • Invoices can only be converted to your partner or advertiser currency setting, or USD.
  • Invoices can't be transferred to a new advertiser instance to use a different currency.
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