Desktop Video Mastheads

How the Desktop Video Masthead Works

The desktop video Masthead is our homepage ad format that has been designed to look and feel native to the YouTube homepage experience, and only requires a YouTube video URL to create. Mastheads are bought on a cost-per-day basis and appears on the YouTube homepage for a full day (generally 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM, but varies by country).

To customize and preview the mobile and desktop Video Mastheads with your own YouTube video, please see our Video Masthead Preview Tool.

In the desktop Video Masthead, a featured YouTube-hosted video initially autoplays for a configurable amount of time without sound (30 seconds maximum). The autoplay state includes two video configurations: Widescreen or 16:9 aspect ratio. Both configurations have an information panel on the right that automatically pulls in various channel assets from the advertiser’s channel. They can also optionally include 2 companion videos that showcases more video thumbnails from the advertiser's channel. The user has the option to un-mute the ad while it is autoplaying. After the autoplay, the main video defaults to the video thumbnail. Clicking on the video during autoplay or clicking on a thumbnail will exit to the YouTube watch page to play the full video from the start with sound.

Check out some examples of the different configurations you can use on your Desktop Video Masthead:

Widescreen with Companion Videos

Widescreen without Companion Videos

16:9 aspect ratio with Companion Videos

16:9 aspect ration without Companion Videos