Desktop Video Mastheads

Technical Specifications

This section covers detailed specifications for each of the components of the desktop video Masthead, as well as the compatible browsers.

Common Creative Specifications


  • Video cannot be private. If the client would like the video to be hidden from the public, it can be made unlisted by following the instructions here.
  • The video can be set to auto-play for a maximum of 30s. The start and end times for the autoplaying are configurable.
  • 0 seconds autoplay are not permitted.
  • The video thumbnail will be shown when autoplay finishes. 
  • YouTube view count will not increment on autoplay.
  • The video control buttons will be automatically hidden.
  • To ensure proper rendering and cropping on the Video Masthead, we recommend using videos with 16:9 aspect ratio with the best resolution possible. See details below for widescreen version.

Information panel

  • Localized "Ad" attribution will be displayed
  • The form and color of the CTA button can't be changed
  • Call-to-action text and destination URL will appear as a button. Call-to-action text is configurable and clicking on the link will open a new tab navigating to the destination URL provided
  • The call-to-action text should indicate where the link leads, for example, "Visit site"
  • Note that the creative cannot be age-gated
  • Channel art, if displayed, will always respect the safe zone for text and logos. See details here.

Companion Videos (Video Wall)

  • If the video wall format is requested, the unit will show a video wall that features two other video thumbnails.
  • Thumbnails will be pulled from the two most recently uploaded public videos on the advertiser's channel or the top two videos from a designated playlist.
  • Thumbnails can be cropped on the right and left sides if using the 16:9 version. See details below.
  • Clicking the thumbnail will go to the watch page for that video.
  • The video wall may be suppressed if the advertiser would prefer to just highlight the main video. 
  • The videos in the video wall must be public or unlisted when using a playlist.
  • The videos in the video wall cannot be age-gated.
  • The main video is excluded from appearing in the video wall.
  • At least 2 qualifying videos must be present in the playlist or the channel for the video wall to display.

Widescreen version

  • Channel icon, channel name and customizable title will show on the information panel
  • Channel art will be shown on the information panel if no companion videos are chosen.
  • Top and bottom parts of the video content will be auto-cropped, as the video will be zoomed in to fit the ad width.
    • Auto-crop dimensions varies depending on the video resolution but it can take up to 25% top and bottom. For example a 1080p video can get cropped up to 270px top and 270px bottom. Exact amount will vary based on user's screen size.
    • We recommend to place all important elements like text and logos centered.
    • See screenshot below for reference:

16:9 aspect ratio version

  • Channel icon, channel art, channel name and customizable title will show on the information panel.
  • Companion videos thumbnails will be cropped up to 25% left and right while the main video is autoplaying. After the autoplay time, it will expand to full size upon mouse over.
  • See screenshot below for reference:

Compatible Browsers:

  • Chrome 50+, Safari 9+, Firefox 44+, Edge 21+, Opera 23+

Please note that the final rendering of the ad may be affected by various browser configurations, plugins and security software set up by the user.

All other unsupported browsers will display the old version of the Video Masthead.