Mobile Video Mastheads

Technical Specifications

Featured Video

The client must upload the video for the ad unit manually to YouTube and provide its watch page URL. All YouTube videos must be embeddable and cannot be set to private when the unit is live. Videos must not be modified after 3PM (PST) the day before the campaign launch date.

Please reference our help pages on best practices for optimizing your video and uploading your video. If you would like your video to be hidden from the public, you can make it unlisted by following the instructions here.

If you would like to feature a 360° video, please follow the video guidelines here, and please note that 360° videos have device/OS limitations for correct rendering.

Note that the user initiates video-play; only upon user-click on the featured thumbnail on Mobile Video Masthead will the video play in the watch page and increment the YouTube view count.

A call-to-action overlay annotation may be enabled for the video if it is not monetized (This is different than the optional call to action text on the ad itself). This will appear as an overlay on the bottom of the video showing up to 20 characters (10 double-byte characters) of text, an optional image, and the destination URL. Clicking this overlay will open up a browser navigating to the destination URL. Note: the CTA overlay is not fully supported on across all devices!

Video Thumbnail Image

The thumbnail for the video featured on the Mobile Video Masthead is configurable; custom thumbnails are supported via YouTube video settings. If customizing the thumbnail, please allow 5% padding on each side of the thumbnail and avoid placing critical information like logos and text too close to the edges as they may get cut off in iOS app.

Information Panel

The information panel will pull content directly from the channel YouTube video and user content, as well as allow for optional elements. See required and optional assets in the previous section. Older versions of the Android app will display the video title and video description instead of the headline and description provided.

Serving Capabilities

No demographic/geo/audience targeting or third-party audience segments available.