Rich Media Masthead: Custom Implementation

Reporting & Third Party Capabilities

This section covers the reporting and third party capabilities provided by the Rich Media Custom Masthead.

Custom Event and Interaction Tracking

All tracking and interaction metrics should be discussed and agreed upon by the DoubleClick Rich Media team.

Tracking with Third Party Pixels

SSL capability is required! All tracking pixel URLs must begin with HTTPS:// More information here.
  • Impression trackers should be implemented in DCM rather than in the Layout.
  • Tracking will be accepted through approved third-party vendors only.
  • Pixels intended to collect data on audience composition are not allowed.
  • Javascript pixels are not allowed.

Remarketing Capabilities

  • Remarketing on Impression: Only AdWords remarketing tags will be accepted.
  • Remarketing on User Click: Either AdWords or Floodlight remarketing tags will be accepted.
  • Implementation should be done within the HTML5 file.

See Adwords Help Center for more information about generating remarketing tags. Any use of pixels for collection of data for remarketing lists is subject to the AdWords Policies.

Brand Study Tracking

  • Brand Study pixels cannot be trafficked directly in DCM and must be implemented in the HTML5 file and called only after completion of initial load.
  • A maximum of 3 brand study pixels are allowed per Masthead.