Rich Media Masthead: Custom Implementation

How the Rich Media Custom Masthead Works

Beginning January 1, 2016, creatives built using Flash will no longer be accepted on the YouTube Masthead. Please plan to build rich media Masthead creatives in HTML5, which will ensure the maximum reach and ad performance.

The rich media custom Masthead is a completely customizable 970x250 pixel ad unit on the desktop YouTube homepage that allows the most creative flexibility for advertisers. The unit also has an Expandable option that can expand on user click to 970x500 pixels. We highly recommend the use of videos in rich media Mastheads to provide the most compelling and native ad experience. We also recommend linking to YouTube video watch pages and advertiser channels to maximize user engagement and brand interaction.

The creatives must be built using HTML5. Please see the HTML5 Masthead build guide for more guidance on building your creatives in HTML5; you can also use Google Web Designer Masthead templates as a starting point to build customized HTML5 creatives.

Please see screenshots of an example rich media custom Masthead below. You can also visit the Rich Media Gallery for more examples and demos from some of the world’s top creative agencies.

Custom Masthead In-Page (970x250 px) Custom Masthead - expandedExpandable on User Click - Optional (970x500 px)