Mobile Video Mastheads

How the Mobile Video Masthead Works

Similar to the desktop video Masthead, the mobile video Masthead is a native video-based ad format that only requires a YouTube video to create, and appears on the YouTube homepage on mobile and tablet devices. This includes Android and iOS mobile apps as well as for smartphone and tablets. Mastheads are bought on a cost-per-day basis and appear on the YouTube homepage for a full day (generally 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM, but varies by country).

To customize and preview the mobile and desktop Video Mastheads with your own YouTube video, please see our Video Masthead Preview Tool.

The mobile video Masthead features a video thumbnail, customizable headline, description texts as well as an external call-to-action (CTA). The mobile video Masthead also automatically pulls in the channel name and icon from the advertiser’s channel. The length of the video will overlay the video thumbnail. When a user clicks on the mobile video Masthead, it will exit to the YouTube watch page for the featured video.

Advertiser can also provide an external URL with configurable call-to-action (CTA) text. Clicking that CTA will lead the user to the URL provided.

If this video used in the Masthead is enabled with a call-to-action annotation, then an overlay will appear over the bottom of the video on the watch page, inviting the user to visit the advertiser’s website. The text and image in the call-to-action overlay is configurable at the video level, and clicking this option will take the user to the specified destination URL.

Click below to see how it looks on different mobile operating systems: