Rich Media Masthead: Custom Implementation

Assets Overview

Please keep in mind the following creative requirements when creating your rich media assets.

Creative Build

All assets must be created using HTML5, and submitted via Doubleclick Studio. The use of Flex or any framework other than HTML5 is not permitted as DoubleClick Studio cannot support these.

  • Visit the DoubleClick Rich Media Help Center for a process overview and the Rich Media Masthead Build Guide for HTML5 for more details on creative development.
  • If you are buying a Live Masthead, please also see Live Streaming guidelines.
  • If you would like to embed a 360° video in the rich media masthead, please follow the video guidelines here, and please note that 360° videos have browser limitations for correct rendering.

YT Close Button

A YouTube Close Button is mandatory on all YouTube Rich Media Masthead creatives.Rich Media Custom MH - Close Ad

  • Clicks to the Close Ad button will collapse the entire Masthead, and leave a "Show Ad" button that will redisplay the Masthead upon user click.
  • Behavior Details: When a user clicks "Close Ad X", the ad will disappear, page content will push up, and a "Show Ad" button will remain. When a user clicks "Show Ad", the ad will reappear, page content will push back down, and a "Close Ad X" button will reappear on the Masthead.
  • Please see the Close Button Build Guides for HTML5 creatives for more information, and an easy-to-use downloadable HTML5 template here.

Custom Masthead - Show ad button


Any external asset or data request made from within the ad or creative must use the same protocol as the page or default to https (SSL). More information here.

Ad Policies

  • Please ensure that all assets for the Rich Media Custom Masthead adhere to our Homepage ad policies outlined here.
  • Please note that the Masthead must not mimic any YouTube experience, pages, designs, graphics, or logos. It must not mimic system processes (data loading, buffering, lags) that can be interpreted as YouTube actions.
  • YouTube Logo: Advertisers may use the approved YouTube social media button and/or use "YouTube" in text as per the YouTube Logo Usage in Ads policy. YouTube logo on the video player may only click out to another page within YouTube. For expandable Mastheads, the logo may be used as an expansion hotspot in the collapsed state.
    • To use the logo, please request for permission to use Google brand features here.
  • For gambling-related ads, note that the advertiser need to be certified using an AdWords account. Please see application here: Gambling application: Single-country license.