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Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange Program Guidelines

Please take the time to read the Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange Program Guidelines. There is important information that should be known by all users, as the guidelines affect user accounts.

The items highlighted below ARE NOT the complete list of policies. This list is intended to emphasize a few particularly sensitive areas of which you should be aware of.

Here are a few examples of what to know:

  • All Sellers must comply with these guidelines. Publishers monetizing seller partner inventory and mobile inventory should pay particular attention to provisions regarding seller partners and location data.
  • You must ensure that at any given time, in-page ads (that is, ads that stay within the set dimensions of the ad slot), in-app ads (ads served within mobile applications), and other paid promotional materials do not exceed the amount of site content.
  • Positioning ads next to pornographic, mature or violent content is not allowed.
  • Placing ads in webmail applications is not permitted, unless Google has made an exception, but only under the following circumstances: 
    • Publishers cannot send to Google ad requests which contain any content from the webmail
    • Publishers cannot implement the ad code unless Google has provided instructions for doing so
  • Invalid activity, e.g., using artificial means to inflate impressions, conversions and/or clicks (e.g, click fraud) is not allowed.
  • Sellers must have a minimum balance of $100 in their Ad Exchange account at the end of a given month to receive payment from Google. Account balances under $100 will roll-over into the following month.
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