What's new in Google Ad Manager

Release notes for May 6, 2019

Manage inventory

See estimated revenue impact of adding protections

You can see how blocking a general category is predicted to affect your revenue. Keeping categories unblocked allows more advertisers and buyers to compete for your inventory, which increases coverage and helps you maximize your revenue. Learn more

Update to video content ingestion for MRSS feeds

Ad Manager now treats the content ID in your MRSS feeds as case sensitive. A content ID with both uppercase and lowercase letters is considered separate from the same ID with only lowercase letters. This is also reflected in your Ad Manager reports.

Traffic and deliver ads

Change to ranking of House line items

House line items no longer compete on price with remnant line items via dynamic allocation. House line items now only serve when no other line item can monetize an ad request. House line items still compete with each other on a CPM basis and will not need to meet floor prices set in unified pricing rules in order to be eligible to serve an ad. Learn more


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