Changes to DFP mediation in 2017

Learn about important changes made on May 8, 2017
Action required
  • Link an Ad Exchange for mobile apps accounts to your DFP network and mark it as the default for dynamic allocation. This should be the same account listed in the "Primary Ad Exchange account" section under Admin to avoid disruption. Learn more about linked accounts
  • Review the changes below and your configurations to ensure that yield groups will deliver as expected.

Summary of changes

As of May 8, 2017, the following changes apply:

  • Mediation groups are renamed to "yield groups."
  • The "Mediation" report metrics are replaced by the "Yield group" metrics. See the table below for comparison.
  • Trafficking yield groups will become much simpler, since a separate Ad Exchange line item trafficked in DFP will no longer be necessary. When a yield group is eligible for an ad request based on its targeting, DFP automatically creates a mediation auction using your DFP network’s default Ad Exchange account. Learn more about linked accounts

Use yield group report dimensions and metrics

The tables below display the new yield group report dimensions and metrics that replace the old mediation report dimensions and metrics. The mediation dimensions and metrics will continue to display information, but will be discontinued later in 2017. Learn more about yield group reporting

Mediation dimension Deprecated Yield group dimension New
Mediation group Yield group
Mediation network Yield partner
Mediation network tag Yield partner tag
Mediation type Yield partner type
Mediation metric Deprecated Yield group metric New
Served requests Mediation served requests
Impressions Yield group impressions
Estimated revenue Yield group estimated revenue
Estimated CPM Yield group estimated CPM
Fill rate Fill rate
Passbacks Mediation passbacks
Third-party eCPM Mediation third-party eCPM

Ensure your linked Ad Exchange account is updated

Only the Ad Exchange account linked to your DFP network and marked as the "default for dynamic allocation" is used for mediation. If both an Ad Exchange line item and a yield group are eligible for the same impression, DFP sends a single request to Ad Exchange following the code snippet and web property defined in the Ad Exchange line item.

The "code snippet" field for Ad Exchange creatives was deprecated on September 15, 2016. If your network still has access to this field, use should be avoided when possible. Learn more

Verify the correct inventory is available in mediation

  • If your yield group has broader targeting than your Ad Exchange line items, additional inventory may be eligible for Mediation that was previously not eligible.
  • The line item targeting options listed below are not currently available in yield groups. If you relied on these options in your Ad Exchange line item to control mediation, that will no longer be respected by yield groups.
    • Frequency caps
    • Day and time
    • Browser language
    • Device capability
    • Bandwidth
    • Audience
  • Ad Exchange tags that previously controlled behavior for Ad Exchange in mediation, through use in targeting of pricing or blocking rules, cannot be used with yield groups. Learn more about rules
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