Payment reconciliation FAQ

The following applies only to customers with invoiced billing accounts.

Google is moving to a new billing system in 2016. Once the transition begins, we won’t be able to make changes to payments already allocated to invoices. If your account statement from Google doesn’t match your own records, you can make a payment reconciliation request.

What is payment reconciliation?

Payment reconciliation is when a customer thinks the account statement from Google doesn't match their own internal records, and they may want to request a payment reconciliation with Google to reallocate previous invoice payments.

How do I initiate a payment reconciliation request?

To submit a payment reconciliation request, contact the email address on your invoice, and include the following information with your request:

  • For the payment concerned:
    • Payment method (for example, Wire, ACH, Check)
    • Payment date
    • Payment currency
    • Payment amount
    • Payment reference, if any (for example, check number, and so on)
  • For the Google invoices to be covered by the payment, according to your internal accounts payable system:
    • Invoice number
    • Invoice date
    • Invoice currency
    • Original invoice amount
    • Invoice amount covered by the payment
    • Outstanding invoice amount

Is there a deadline for these requests?

Because we’re moving accounts to the new billing system in batches, deadlines can vary across accounts. We recommend that you submit your payment reconciliation request as soon as possible, to increase the chances that we’re able to process it.

What if Google can’t process my request?

Unfortunately, due to systems constraints, we won’t be able to process your request after the account has been moved to our new billing system. We can apply your payment to any of your open invoices.

I have more questions. Is there someone I can contact

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