Ad Exchange ad code implementation requirements

Ad Code Requirements

Ad Placement

Ad code must not be implemented such that ads: (i) are placed on Sites whose content or URL could confuse users into thinking these Sites are associated with Google due to the misuse of logos, trademarks, or other brand features; or (ii) are placed on, within, or alongside other Google products or services in a manner that violates the policies of that product or service.

In addition, Sellers are prohibited from displaying ads served through the Ad Exchange on pages loaded in pop-ups or pop-unders.

In-App Ads

Sellers must implement In-App Ads using the latest version of the Google mobile ads SDK ("Google SDK") method or an alternate Google-approved implementation. Learn more:

As of January 23, 2018, we no longer support Android and iOS Google Mobile Ads SDKs lower than version 7.0.0.

Sellers may not share either source Google SDK code or uncompiled Google SDK code with any third party.

Altering code

Ad code may not be altered, nor may the standard behavior, targeting, or delivery of ads be manipulated in any way that is not explicitly permitted by Google. For example, Sellers may not adjust or alter information that is (a) sent from a client to an Ad Exchange tag or ad code or (b) sent from an Ad Exchange tag or ad code to a client.

Open Auction Requirements

In addition to the above requirements, Sellers participating in the Open Auction must also comply with all the below requirements for ad code implementation.

Ad Placement in the Open Auction

Ad code must not be implemented such that ads: (i) obscure elements on a page; (ii) obscure site content or otherwise interfere with a user’s interaction with the site except where the ad format is designed to be displayed within a Site or around an element of the Site; (iii) are integrated into a non-web-based desktop application except as expressly approved by Google; or (iv) placed in email programs or in emails, including but not limited to email newsletters, except as expressly permitted by Google.

Sellers monetizing Sites must ensure that at any given time, in-page Ads (i.e., ads that stay within the the set dimensions of the ad slot), In-app Ads (ads served within mobile applications), and other paid promotional materials do not exceed the amount of Site content.

In-App Ads Placement in the Open Auction

In-App Ads must not be placed: (i) underneath or adjacent to buttons or any other object such that it interferes with a user's typical interaction with the App; (ii) in a manner that otherwise obstructs the user from viewing the content in an App; or (iii) on a "dead end" screen where the user is not able to exit the screen without clicking the ad and the user is not notified that the home button will exit the App.

Invalid Activity

Multiple Calls

For a given impression, Sellers may not make repeated ad calls for Google ads in a manner that attempts to interfere with, abuse, or gain an unfair advantage in the ad auction. 

Site Behavior

Sellers are prohibited from displaying ads served through the Ad Exchange on websites and other properties that do any of the following: (i) change user preferences or initiate downloads without the user's express consent, (ii) redirect users to unwanted websites, or (iii) contain pop-ups or any other elements that interfere with site navigation, or (iv) contain or trigger pop-unders.

Traffic Sources

Sellers are not permitted to monetize on the Ad Exchange Sites that:

  • Are loaded with software that can trigger pop-ups
  • Redirect users to unwanted websites, or
  • Modify browser settings, or otherwise interfere with site navigation. For clarification, this prohibition precludes the use of any system that overlays or creates ad space on a given Site without the express permission of the Site owner, including without limitation toolbars.

Technical Requirements

Sellers are not permitted, whether directly or through a third party:

  • to implement any click tracking of ads
  • or to store or cache in any non-transitory manner any data relating to ads served through Ad Exchange.
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