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Introduction to mediation

Maximize ad network yield for your mobile app
We made some changes to mediation for mobile apps on May 8, 2017. Learn more

What is mediation?

DFP mediation increases your mobile app revenue by calling a series of third-party ad networks to fill an ad request, ordered by expected yield. Each ad network has the opportunity to fill an ad request; however, if one ad network does not fill the request, the next ad network in the sequence gains an opportunity.

Child-directed treatment in mediation

DFP mediation facilitates compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
Set tagForChildDirectedTreatment(true) in the Google Mobile Ads SDK to indicate that your content should be treated as child-directed for the purposes of COPPA. Google makes this signal available to third-party ad networks in Mediation to facilitate COPPA compliance. Learn more
DoubleClick for Publishers simply serves as a platform. The advertising relationship is between the mobile app developer and the third-party ad network, so it’s the developer's responsibility to ensure that each third-party ad network serves ads that treat the developer’s content as child-directed for purposes of COPPA.
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